Pause on all new orders 🖤 For Existing Order information - Please click here.

Order Notes


UPDATE 2024: 

We've paused new online orders completely and are currently clearing previous orders. 

If you've received tracking or an order update recently, please ignore this update. 

For context:

My mum got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year as you may have seen.

I'm currently caring full time for my mum - which means Chris, my lead smith and also husband, is having to work part time whilst helping me care for my mum. 

Our main priority currently is clearing all orders and making sure your jewellery gets to you ASAP if you have an order with us.  Nothing has changed and you'll still be getting your jewellery as normal, and the site will be frozen so there is no new customers whilst this is done. We've turned off our socials too, and currently the only way to contact us is the email listed below. 

All of GGGs policies remain valid, and all of our FAQs on orders can be found on our site. As before, we don't accept order cancellations at any point as per our T&Cs.

The best way to contact about existing orders if to to which I can help you with any order queries. 

We massively appreciate every single one of you for understanding.

All the love and appreciation,

GGG x